Imponance & Dead Hackers Society
****  I M P a r t y  I V   ****
December 27 - December 30, 1996

IMParty 4 follows the very successfull IMParty 1, 2 and 3. The earlier partys have all been held in a small town named "Grangesberg", some 250 km's northwest of Stockholm, or some 500 km's north of Gothenburg. IMParty 4 is no exception and will keep the tradition of being at the very same town, and building as the last three times!

Finding the house.
IMParty IV Areamap. Click on icon to download a map over Grangesberg, where IMParty IV is held. By reading this map you should easily find the partyhouse.

What can we expect, not expect?
First of all, let's get down to what you CAN'T expect to find at the IMParty 4:
    Democompetitions, Graphics competitions.
    Atleast not with fancy prices. The entrance will go straight to pay the party and keeping Internet online via modem.

    A big hall with thousands of computers.
    IMParty 4 is held in an ordinary house with very limited space. We reccon some 40 computers + additional people without own computers will fit.

    Warm seats at the toilet.
    Arrrrgh, do not try to shit at early mornings before the heating (ie, fire) has been on for some hours!

    Unfriendly people.
    Yes, these are incredibly hard, if not impossible to find at IMPartys.
So, what CAN you expect then?
    To meet big parts of the IRC #atari freaks!
    Yep, see list a bit down about people who are (probably) coming to IMParty 4.

    Cold toiletseats.
    Yeahh! Missed them at IMParty 3 (held at summertime).

    A must for Brits/Polish people (well, stupid norweigans too for that matter). :)

    Getting wood for the fire.
    The fireplace really helps out to get IMParty the great atmosphere it always has.

    At IMParty 3, Peylow took the IMParty official record of nonstop IRCing with 24 hours and 24 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong). Time for someone (hey Arnel!) to beat it.

    Ofcourse, poker is now a tradition at IMPartys. It's a great way for me (evl) to earn money for the ticket back home. ;-)

    Terrible cold.
    The temperature around this time of year can very well be down to -25c. Usually around -10, but don't take that for certain, warm clothes recomended (for wood pickups).

    Lot's of snow (hopefully).
    Normally there should be some 30cm snow around this time, though, the last winters have been sort of snowfree, so we can't make any guarentees. At the last two IMPartys that has been held at winters, there have been really nasty snowweather. Let's hope the trend countinues.

    + alot of other things.

Eating and sleeping.
Near the party (approx 200 meters) there is a combined hamburgerbar, pizzeria and kebab place where you can enjoy a good meal.
Coca Cola will be sold at the party for 5 SEK/bottle. Sleeping is done on the upper floor, quiet and nice.

This party is very private! Only people who have announced their comming, and with an 'OK' from the authors will be let in. As said earlier, we have very limited space.

Contacing us:


Mobile phone:
   Ajje/IMP: 070 - 585 04 33
    Ham/IMP: 070 - 585 05 17
RobertK/IMP: 070 - 571 86 22
   Loke/DHS: 070 - 512 00 17
   Evil/DHS: 070 - 643 87 54